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“The sense of calmness and relaxation I feel during and after a Swedish massage with Kristen is incredible. She is a gifted massage therapist whose wonderful energy and spirit has had a transformative effect on my life on every level.” —Michael

“The first time Kristen channeled for me, was the beginning of a more self-aware life. The guidance has become an integral part of my personal growth...it’s not something that I can fully explain in words, but it definitely should be experienced. I recommend my friends to her practice whenever possible.”—Kelly

“I have always had severe lower back pain, and was looking for a massage therapist that could bring me some relief. Kristen has not only relieved the pain, but has helped me to understand what I can do to take better care of my back. I look forward to working with her for years to come.”


“The information the Guides provide is practical and targeted. We are fortunate that Kristen is willing to share her gift, knowledge, and talents. Contacting her is a way for me
to honor and accept my life’s path.”—Michelle

“Kristen’s gifts as a massage therapist are extraordinary. I’ve been seeing her for the last eight years, and at each session she intuitively knows what my body needs. Kristen’s work transports me to a state of physical and emotional wellness.”—Emily

“Receiving Guidance in the last several years has provided me with a spiritual, as well as a practical outline for living. It has proven invaluable to me. The insight is unerring and I always feel a compassionate presence. As I go forward in my development, I feel secure in the knowledge that I have the Guides to help lead me in the right direction!”—Ken

“In the past I had always avoided "psychic readings" because the  suspiciously satisfying predictions that love, money, and success would fall in to my lap in some magical amount of time always left me feeling unconvinced and powerless. All I could do was wait for things to happen "to" me. My session with Kristen was refreshing because I received authentic guidance that left me feeling safe, empowered, and supported. Thoughts and emotions that had for many years been cloudy and confusing were suddenly made so clear in their real meaning and importance.”—Robin

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